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What is it like to eat a free temple meal in India?

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Many Question eat a free temple meal in India. What happens before the food is served? Is there a ceremony? What kind of people come? What kind of food is served?

Prayer : In Tirumala ( Tirupati) ; special prayers are conducted for Anna Lakshmi – Goddess of kitchen – and all cooks ( servitors) seek her blessings.

Naivedyam : Then, Naivedayam Bhog is offered to Lord Venkateswara -lord of Tirumala.

Lord is offered special Naivedyam thrice a day.- Bala Bhogam (breakfast) , Raja Bhogam (royal lunch) and Shayana Bhogam (dinner)

He loves sweets . Thus, special kind of kheer and ladoos are prepared for him.
Naivedyam are preceded with special prayers and songs to appease him.

Prasad : Then, all visitors are offered free food known as Prasad .
Well, food is considered blessing thus it is known as Prasad.
All devotees can enjoy rice , sambhar , rasam , butter milk, chutney , paysaam (kheer) , sweet rice .and special ladoo.
One can eat to heart’s content.

In morning , devotees are served Upma with chutney ,Pongal and Butter milk.
Well : “Prasadam really helped me a lot, because you start to realize “Now I’m tasting Krishna.” : George Harrison
Prayer : Govinda Govinda Govinda Om Namo Narayanaya !
Note : By serving Daridranarayan (downtrodden); one appeases Narayan (almighty) : Saying

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