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Does vegetarian food tend to have less calories

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Some go that route, eat mostly salads and beans. But eventually you come to a point where you are basically starving, you become emaciated.

It looks like she has muscles, but she died from starvation. I know, I know. But this is how many vegans start to look like. Your body starts to produce chemicals which make you feel good. Many mistake these hunger signals for euphoria. People who do water fast will feel this rush of euphoria quite quickly. But this is a warning sign.

Being a vegan does not mean healthy. You can eat french fries and deep fried bread as much as you want. Being vegan isn’t healthy at all. But eating more vegetables and beans is good. Like with everything, you can take things to far, it is easy.

There are so many lies around vegans. For example, and I am not lying. I have quite a few friends who are chefs. They fly to resorts to cook meat for top vegan influencers. They are not doing what they preach because that doesn’t sell books. Just eat food. All food. Fish, poultry and meat.

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