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Solar Safe – May help Consumers Save Close to 68% on Electricity Bills

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I’m a 52 y.o. mechanic from Milwaukee… Happily married for 27 years and proud father of two wonderful daughters.

The story I’m about to share started 2 years ago on a brisk October afternoon… I was raking leaves in my backyard when I saw my wife slamming the back door and running towards me… I instantly knew something was wrong…

“Honey… Your father… he’s dead…”

For a moment I was paralyzed… Stunned… It had to be a mistake… I had just spoken to him a few hours prior…

But tragically, it wasn’t a mistake… God, how I wish it was… He felt he couldn’t breathe so he called the Ambulance… unlocked the door and lay on the bed waiting… And that’s how they found him 40 minutes later… The paramedics tried their best but it was too late. He was pronounced dead on the spot.

We were all devastated… Yet we had to confront the reality and try and move on… What’s worse, foreclosure notices started pouring in from the bank… We couldn’t settle his debt… So we agreed on selling his cherished mountain cabin where he lived.

I talked to the girls and planned a last farewell trip to the cabin before selling it…

It was late November… but the sun was still a bit warm… So we didn’t pack heavy clothes… After all, it was merely a weekend getaway.

We arrived in the evening… lit up the fireplace, made a few sandwiches and started talking… remembering all the beautiful times we had there… sadly thinking it was all over.

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As the hours slipped by, we didn’t notice that it had started snowing outside… When we eventually did… my first thought was… “we’re stuck here”… But then again, it was only November. How hard can it possibly snow?

By 10 p.m. the ground was under 2 feet of snow… by 11:30 was 3 feet. And anxiety began to creep in… I had winter tires on my truck… But they were no match for this.

I checked the fridge and the kitchen… There was still some food left. We had enough fire wood for the night… The power was still on. So we thought we’ll wait it out.

At 12:15 there was frantic knocking on the door.

A man stood there, holding a boy in his arms… His cheeks were blue-ish… He wasn’t moving… I rushed them inside near the fireplace, wrapped them in blankets and made hot tea.

After a few minutes the little boy started waking up. The man, Andy, explained that they had nearly frozen after their car got stuck in the snow. They actually lived not far from our cabin.

But it was so dark and the blizzard was so violent, they couldn’t find their way home. After wandering for two hours in the white storm, he saw our lights… And realized they were saved.

He told us he hasn’t seen any lights for miles. And that was odd… Because there were lots of cabins and houses nearby.

Three hours later we got an unexpected visit from one of our neighbors. He brought his family over after seeing we had electricity… Hoping we could charge his daughter’s inhaler.

They told me the power was out since 9 pm… But we still had the lights on.

And then it struck me.

“We were the only ones with power!”

… but why? and how?

I hadn’t done anything special… the wiring was the same… And we were connected to the same grid… Something must be powering up the house…

I searched the house… The rooms… the basement… Nothing.

Then I went and searched the shed… But found nothing except 6 dusty tool boxes and a ping-pong table…

It was cold… so I left it like that. Meanwhile, the little boy was joyfully back on his feet… And started playing with my daughters…

We all got through the night ok, a bit scared of what was going on outside, but safe and warm in my father’s cozy cabin.

In the morning my curiosity got the better of me… Trying to figure out what kept the lights on. So I inspected the cabin and the shed again.

This time I noticed a flickering light inside one of the toolboxes… I opened it and realized what saved our lives: My father’s preparedness like a helping hand beyond the grave…

With this new technology, there is a likely possibility that solar energy will become the primary source of energy, and may help consumers save close to 68% on electricity bills.

The potential of solar energy as a primary source of power for the world was never in question at all. But, something like this could potentially improve the interest manifold. This innovation seeks to break the limitation and is on its way towards unleashing the potential of solar even further. We can’t wait to see how the development proceeds further.


Each and every toolbox was a power source of its own. 3 were depleted, 3 were at 80%. But what charged them?

I was puzzled by the ping pong table in the shed because I didn’t think my father played… And to my surprise, it wasn’t a table at all… But a foldable array of compact solar panels unlike any I had seen before.

I spent 4 hours in the shed trying to figure out how two small panels could charge the entire bank… And how three batteries of that size could power an entire cabin for 16 hours straight.

Well… I had enough time to study the contraption… Because snow plows were nowhere in sight. Actually, we had to venture out for water and firewood, in the afternoon. To be prepared just in case we had to spend another night there.

And we were right… No one showed up.

We still had power through the second night. Although we had to cut down on the big screen TV, not knowing if we were going to spend a third one up there.

Help only came the third day… With the usual hassle… Like the Gov was doing us a favor… After waiting for 48 hours… What if we didn’t have electricity… Or food… Or supplies.

Or even worse… What if we were stranded like Andy, in his car, in the middle of nowhere.

Who would’ve helped us then? No one!

And that’s what my father in all his years understood best.

You have to be PREPARED!

You have to be able to help yourself and those around you. Because sitting and waiting for miracles from FEMA will get you killed!

I took his notes with me and studied the plans for his solar panel system. Somehow it produced way more AC than expected for its size… But what I finally discovered was, that the secret laid in storage and charging times. He tweaked it to give almost double the power at only half the charge time.

That was the lifesaver!

Anyone can get solar panels up on the house or in their yard… But how long does a single charge last?… how much does a normal system cost?… Not to mention maintenance, snow, and all the space they take… Or even worse, putting your health and safety at risk by hanging them on the house and climbing up there to clean them. It’s a nightmare when winter comes… High winds… Or when a sudden hail storm hits.

That’s where my father changed the rules of the game

It took me almost a year to piece everything together and build a system for my house… Which is only 1,500 sq ft… I never thought I’d go solar, but with my father’s “help” I managed to do it in just 20 sq ft. And if I need the extra space, I just fold them and put them in the garage. No worries… No maintenance… No headaches…

It cost me a little over $200 ($204.68 to be more precise) to build the first unit. And results came pounding hard the very next day… The meter was barely moving… And it reflected directly into the bill… 68% off in the first month.

I did my best to cut even more… But on the scale I build it… Just wasn’t possible. As I said… This is not a BS conspiracy cloaked device. There are limits.

Anyway… I think I did well… And the cost of $200… Was money well spent. I recouped it in 3 months just by cutting off the bill… And now I’m $1369.30 on profit!

But if you really want to stick it to the Electric Monopolists, with just a small increase in scale, you can make that retched meter run backwards and start making them pay you for the excess current you feed to the grid.

Imagine getting your bill… Your hands shake while you open the envelope… And YES! It’s exactly what you’ve been expecting. The amount is NEGATIVE!

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