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Modi team that involves Ajit Doval

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After Godhra riots Modi has learnt to keep himself away from the individuals or organizations that are bound to create controversies. He has always cited for a team that involves people like Ajit Doval with right combination of simplicity, honesty and dynamism.

Ajit Doval who is the current NSA, shares common views with that of Narendra Modi, specially about certain foreign policies that help India maintain better foreign relationships.

Ajit Doval, who’s renowned as James Bond(under cover agent) of India has zero tolerance when it comes to the security of the nation.

His statement “You(Pakistan) do one Mumbai, you may lose Baluchistan” says it all. When more than 500 Indians(most of them were nurses) were stuck in Yemen, during crisis, Ajit Doval led the team, coordinated with the neighbouring countrys’ government and rescued them all.

Believe me, this is just one of his hundreds of successful operations. These things makes him one of the finest bureaucrats and gives enough of reasons to be relied on.

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