Welcoming ideas on MyGov for Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas, enhancing our bond with the Diaspora

शेयर करें:
The Government of India is organising the Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas on 7th-9th January, 2015 to connect India to its vast overseas diaspora and bring their knowledge, expertise and skills on a common platform. MyGov welcomes ideas from citizens, who have participated in the Open Forum ahead of Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas. Some selected contributions from the ideas received so far have been highlighted:-
1. ABHISHEK KUMAR – “Pravasi Bharatiya Diwas” should connect some local representatives to interact with investors. If investors are to be attracted We have to provide the basic facilities necessary for industries. A direct interaction plan should be introduced for direct talk between investors and resources.”
2. MOHAMMAD ASIF – “Sir, NRIs can adopt their native villages/towns and contribute for development of that area as smart villages/towns and offer employment to villagers if opportunities come in the countries where they are working. One each strong teams as a single window can be formed in each country and should be recognised by the government of India so that they can contribute the country’s development and provide catch hold the opportunities for the unemployed of the country.”
3. VIJAY RANA – “NRI SKYPE TEACHING PROGRAMME: I would like to conduct workshops in positive thinking, communicating skills and citizenship in schools and colleges through Skype. There are other NRIs who can devote a few hours a week to teach Indian students various skills. So please create a database of schools who are willing to use our expertise.”
4. EESHA KALVE – “Indian Embassies hosting half yearly gatherings for NRIs could be one great way of bringing them close to the govt. This is not as easy as it sounds but the crowd could be randomly selected. that way on invitation basis the problem of repetitive audience could be solved. Further, clubs or groups could be created of particular vocations that might bring investment into a certain sector.”
5. UTKARSH TOTLA – “1. Attractive schemes must be launched on the Grand Day, so that staying away from India, still they live & work for India 2. Not only investment but also techniques, technology, smart systems, etc must be the priority India must seek from them. 3. Interactive programs must be initiated & all must be invited on the cost of govt, which might encourage them to respond in a good number. 4. A smart plan must be explained to them as what technologies & in which field investment is required.”
6. SACHIN THAKUR – “NRIs should employ one youngster from any village across India through friends or relatives. The youngster should be qualified enough for communicating with the NRI over Phone/Fax/ Email etc and able to run a MSME enterprise capable of employing 3-5 persons. Such start-ups should be owned, funded and operated by the NRIs on project basis. The successful projects should be expanded / altered as per the feedback/ experience of the NRI. This will bring FDI to villages directly without govt. delays.”
7. ABHIJIT PATIL – “In UNGA, our dear PM Modiji has urged the US to declare “International Yoga Day”. By keeping this point in mind, can GoI announce 2nd/3rd Sunday evening (say, 6pm to 7pm) of every month to practice yoga meditation all over India. This may involve activities like physical yoga, sitting relax in peaceful state, etc. This will keep the body & mind health. We can also do: 1. encourage the India’s Ancient Yoga in embassies spread across globe. 2. celebrate “Yoga Week” to attract overseas tourists.”
8. RAJEEV PRAHLADKA – “Many people go abroad for jobs leaving behind their elderly parents alone here in India. If parents are single or aged then there are many concerns about their health, proper medical treatment and their care etc. Fully dedicated old age home for NRI Pravasi Bharatiya should be made in various states so that both aged parents in India and abroad working sibling is free from worry and even old parents have problem free and better quality of life here even without their son or daughter living here.”
9. JAYARAMAN SRINIVASAN – “A short and concise note; (i) Indian Ambassadors all over world must work forward to motivate diaspora(s) and willing persons to investment in India (ii) According to the size of the foreign country, can appoint number of authorized volunteers (I mean a non-political person) to approach co-diaspora(s) for this mission. Needless to say, the person to be appointed as an authorized Indian Representative must be reasonably educated with genuine profile and shall be chosen by Indian Ambassador of the foreign country.”
10. ANUP SRIVASTAV – “Rock music, fast foods and consumption led growth is what we can call Soft Capitalism of Western world, our stronghold is Cultural insignias like Yoga, Ghazal, Kalaripettu and the list is endless. Why should not we like them organize our Diaspora to show the world our soft power. In era of knowledge and information, perception and sentiment plays a huge role. We need to establish new idols and in this our diaspora spread in around 200 countries of the world can prove to be highly instrument.”