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To create a nation of skilled citizens especially youth and encourage their active engagement with the Government for nation building, the MyGov site calls for suggestions on developing employable skills.
The ‘Skill Development’ group seeks bold ideas, suggestions on concrete policies and initiatives to keep pace with the changing trends and help youth enter job market.
Since the launch, more than 49,000 members have joined the group.
Skill Development
More than 9,000 members have shared their opinion on youth as the new age power for nation building. Many people have emphasized on giving a boost to education system for nurturing and creating talent. The members have also shared valuable opinion on importance of skill development for taking the nation forward in the 21st century.
Some of the suggestions are:
  1. Corporate social responsibility scheme if performed more effectively by organizing skill development centres in nearby colleges relating to the company’s stream.
  2. While access to education has comparatively improved in Urban India, skill development and refinement is an area that needs immediate attention. With skill development and refinement people become employable. We can start skill development initiatives in small groups in our locality. Conduct English Coaching, Refresher courses for Engineers or other Graduates who have been unemployed for more than 1yr. Interested individual can get together and start locally.
  3. Provide more practical education from the root level and encouraging the youth to do new researches.
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