Poster Design Competition for Digital India

शेयर करें:
Digital Technologies which include Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications have emerged as catalysts for rapid economic growth and citizen empowerment across the globe. Digital technologies are being increasingly used by us in everyday lives from retail stores to government offices. They help us to connect with each other and also to share information on issues and concerns faced by us. In some cases they also enable resolution of those issues in near real time.
The objective of the Digital India Group on the MyGov platform is to come out with innovative ideas and practical solutions to realize Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a digital India. Prime Minister Modi envisions transforming our nation and creating opportunities for all citizens by harnessing digital technologies. His vision is to empower every citizen with access to digital services, knowledge and information. This Group will come up with policies and best practices from around the world to make this vision of a digital India a reality.
NeGD invites people to design posters on DIGITAL INDIA (List of ICT and related services from India is below for which Posters are to be made) on the My Gov Platform from 29th March, 2016 to 19th April, 2016.
All the entries must be submitted online through No other medium of submission will be accepted.
Last date for submission is 26th April, 2016.
The participants must mention the following details with their submission:
1. Name
2. Father/Mother name
3. Address
4. Age
5. Contact number
Entries with incomplete profiles will not be considered.
The top 10 entries from each categories will be rewarded with a cash Prize
• 1st prize of Rs.10,000/- for 1st position for 1 entry only.
• 2nd prize of Rs.5000/- for 2nd position for 3 entries only.
• 3rd prize of Rs.3000/- for 3rd position for 6 entries only .
(Posters)Category A – Products/Services
1) Mandatory Services/Products:
2) Digital India
3) e-Taal / eTaal
4) mSeva/ mobile seva
5) e-Post Office
6) Common Services Centres (CSC)
7) Digital locker
8) Aadhar
9) MyGov
10) Jeevan Praman
11) Swachh Digital India (e-Waste Management)
12) National Scholarships Portal
13) e-Hospital
14) e-Sign
15) Biometric attendance
16) Cyber security & hygiene
17) Digital Literacy
18) Skill Development
19) Jan Dhan Yojana
20) Electronics Manufacturing
21) PhD Scheme in ESDM Sector
(Posters)Category B – ICT TRIVIA/FACTS
1) India Post: The largest network of Post Offices in the world
2) Internet Users: India has the world’s third largest internet user base
3) Indian telecom sector: India has the second largest telecommunication network in the world (Fixed line & mobile)
4) Call Tariffs: India has the lowest mobile tariffs in the world
5) Mobile Phone users: India has the world’s second-largest mobile phone user base
6) Indian IT: India is now one of the biggest IT capitals of the modern world and all the major players in the world IT sector are present in the country
7) Aadhaar: World’s largest national identification number project
8) MyGov: World’s largest citizen engagement platform
9) Mobile Seva is an UN award-winning e-governance initiative by Government of
10) India has the 2nd Largest Smartphone Market
11) Indian Manufactured mobile phones sold in 31 Countries.
12) World’s most popular mobile advertisement platform by Indian Start up
13) World’s largest producer and user of Electronic Voting Machine
14) World’s largest biometric database Aadhaar
15) Trillion comparison per day by Aadhaar
16) Every stylus worldwide uses ICT designed by an Indian Start up
17) IT exports offsets 45% of all import costs
18) IT Sector – Largest private sector employer sector 3.1 million
19) ICTE Sector attracting largest PE/VC investment $2.4 billion
20) Largest private sector women employer > 1 million
Note: Poster can also be made on other ICT Trivia/Facts that have been globally recognized, but do share the source otherwise it will not be considered a valid entry.
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