Design a Logo for Kerosene Free Chandigarh

शेयर करें:
Chandigarh – the “City Beautiful” use to receive 888 KL (KL – Kilo Litre – 1000 Ltrs) of Kerosene Oil every quarter (4 Months) of year. Kerosene is not a clean fuel and results in indoor air pollution (when used in cooking), which adversely affects the health especially of women & children. Kerosene is also a time consuming fuel (as compared to LPG) as carbon soot are continuously deposited on utensils while cooking. Police records shows that many burn cases (especially to women, children) happens due to using of Kerosene (unsafely) for cooking. Providing LPG connection to all urban social groups (APL,BPL,PH or AAY) will give them better access to cleaner fuel, would not only improve quality of life but will give a cleaner greener environment to city alongwith reducing the burden of cooking fuel Subsidies on the Government.
In this regard as per the announcement of our Hon’ble PM, Chandigarh Administration has launched a “Kerosene Free City” Scheme in which “deposit free / easy installment” LPG connection is being provided to eligible beneficiaries through their nearest Gas agencies.
For successful implementation & awareness of this initiative we request every citizen of India to design a logo for “Kerosene Free Chandigarh” initiative. The winning Logo will be made part of our Scheme documentation.
Winner will be given prize of Rs 5000.
The last date of submission is 15th March, 2016 by 5:00 p.m.
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